Roulette with Lightning

The Rules of Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is based primarily on the roulette wheel and the betting layout, just as traditional Live Roulette. The broadcast originates from a studio that fuses classic and contemporary aesthetics. As a result, in addition to several Art Deco features, somewhat more contemporary lighting flourishes can be expected.

The roulette wheel is in the centre of the display area, and it is a pretty normal European wheel with a single green zero. Typically, a croupier in a striped uniform will stand at the wheel, and a betting layout will take up the bottom half of your display. Behind the roulette wheel and the dealer, animated visuals will surface throughout play. These are expertly executed, floating like magic in the air.

The Odds of Lighting Roulette

The betting options and layout in Lightning Roulette are identical to those in the standard version of the game. Except for the Straight Up wager, all other wagers have the same payout odds. This is a stake on a single number, which would normally pay 35:1 but only 30:1 in Lightning Roulette. This is due to the inclusion of a Lucky Numbers function, which will be detailed below.

Role Playing Lightning Roulette

If you’ve ever played a regular online roulette game, you’ll feel right at home with Lightning Roulette. Put your chips on the felt at the bottom of your screen to make a wager. A $5 wager that the next number will be even would be represented by placing a $5 chip in the EVEN field. Placing a $5 chip on the number 17 is a wager that 17 will be the next winning number, and so on.

After all wagers are put, a lightning bolt seems to course through a graphic table arrangement beneath the wheel. While the majority of the plan vanishes, anything from one to five ‘Lucky Numbers’ will remain. Then, a random multiplier will be applied to each of the Lucky Numbers. There are five different multiplier levels available, ranging from 50x to 500x.

The table arrangement at the bottom of the screen will be highlighted to show the Lucky Numbers and their multiplier values. If the number 17 is a Lucky Number with a 200x multiplier, for instance, the arrangement of the table will alternate between 17 and the value 200x. This lets the players know which numbers have been improved for the next spin.

The roulette wheel will then be spun in the customary fashion once all of this has concluded. When the wheel stops, the winning number is determined by where the ball lands in the well. All bets on that number will be settled at that time. When a Lucky Number wager wins, the payout is determined by taking the standard odds and multiplying them by the multiplier.

Winning at Rapid-Fire Roulette

Since this is, at heart, a game of chance, it doesn’t matter how smart you are; you can’t win. Each turn of the wheel has no bearing on what has come before. As a result, success cannot be certain. You have to place your bets and pray for a lucky break.

Despite this, it’s pointless to play Lightning Roulette with the same level of caution you’d bring to a regular roulette game. That’s because prior to each spin, a random number generator produces Lucky Numbers and multipliers that solely help Straight Up bettors.

You can increase your chances of winning large without taking any unnecessary risks. Depending on your comfort with uncertainty, here are a few approaches to consider…






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